Castor Oil Challenge - 3 Month Check In & Results

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So 3 months have passed and the castor oil challenge is officially over.
Quick recap; I joined the challenge which started on September 19th at the extreme level. This consists of oiling my scalp every other night followed by a scalp massage, adding 2 teaspoons of castor oil to my weekly deep conditioner and also use castor oil mixed with avocado oil to seal my ends each night.
This challenge was so easy take part in and I quickly found myself in a routine. As mentioned in my two month check in post, I made sure my oils were pre-mixed and stored them so they were easily accessible.
To oil my scalp, I pre-mixed Lavender Jamaican Black Castor oil with 100% pure castor oil and stored it in an applicator bottle which makes oiling my scalp no task at all.
For deep conditioning, I made up another mix of Lavender JBCO and pure castor oil and this bottle stayed in the bathroom so when washday came around, I could easily add my castor oil mix with my deep conditioner.
Last but not least, to seal my hair, I pre-mixed a 100ml bottle of Avocado oil and Lavender JBCO. I keep this with my moisturiser downstairs so that it is always ready and waiting when I go to moisturise and seal before I go upstairs to bed.
I used castor oil to oil my scalp prior to the castor oil challenge starting during the challenge oiled my scalp very other night and if I am being honest, I wouldn't say I noticed a vast difference in growth which I could definitely attribute to the use of castor oil. What I can say is that I definitely love to use JBCO to oil my scalp and will continue to use it as it helps to soften my new growth which makes it more manageable when stretching my relaxers.
Adding castor oil to my deep conditioners gave my hair that extra moisture boost it needed and after each wash day my hair was always left feeling so moist and manageable. Now the challenge is over I will alternate between my favourite oils to mix with my deep conditioners.
Sealing my hair with avocado oil mixed with lavender JBCO was my favourite part of the challenge. My hair would feel so amazing after moisturising and then using this oil mix to seal my hair. Throughout the challenge my ends were still moist at the end of each day and I relaxed my hair on December 16th which is 3 days before the end of the challenge and I can definitely say that I have managed to retain length. I trimmed my hair yesterday and only needed to take off just over one centimetre rather than the usual 1-2 inches which I am very pleased about. Although the challenge is over I will definitely continue to seal with my avocado oil and JBCO mix over the colder months, once this mix has been used up I will try mixing JBCO with grapeseed oil.
September 2015
December 2015
How does castor oil work for your hair?

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  1. Great progress. I apply JBCO to my scalp every wash day to keep my new growth moisturized.

  2. You made excellent progress -- congrats! I love jbco! I use it several times throughout the week and on wash day.

    Jay of


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