Mid-Neck Length to Shoulder Length.... April to August

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Following my mid-neck bob cut, I realised I was starting my hair journey all over again. I knew I would be dealing with shorter length hair than I had in quite a while however I wasn't realistic about my previous regime working for me with my new short cut.

I had just assumed that I would stick to my routine of using no heat on my hair at all and have my easy simple wash days where I washed, air-dried and kept it moving but with my kind of cut I had get used to flat ironing my hair with every wash day so I had to change things up.

I was so used to washing my hair every weekend with the occasional mid week co-wash but knowing whenever I washed meant using heat, I had no choice but to switch my wash days from every week to every other week and that was a huge deal for me going from no heat to heat twice a month.

Washdays couldn't be spontaneous as I needed to ensure I had time to air-dry and then flat iron so depending on my plans, I would pre-poo overnight either Friday or Saturday night and then wash first thing in the morning to get my hair out of the way. Before my cut, I used to wash my hair with a sulfate free shampoo three times a month, clarifying every 4 weeks. After my cut, I had switched to fortnightly washdays so I began to use ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo which is a sulfate shampoo; with every wash to ensure all build up had been removed. 

The biggest thing I missed was moisturising and sealing my hair each night and oiling my scalp every other night. With my hair flat ironed and making it last two weeks at a time, I had to moisturise and seal sparingly and only oil my scalp the night before washday. Things had changed quite drastically and although I really loved the cut, I couldn't wait to get some growth so my hair would be long enough for low manipulation styles so I could avoid heat and just air-dry.
It has been four months since the cut and following my relaxer touch up on 24th July, my hair is now shoulder length. My hair is now long enough for me to just air-dry and wear low manipulation styles such as buns and updos which means I am no longer relying on heat. My relaxer touch up could've gone better, my new growth came out straighter than I anticipated which is annoying as since my cut in April I am now officially fully texlaxed. My texture is by no means uniform from root to tip but I have got rid of all my relaxed ends, making my hair so much thicker which is why I couldn't get away with the bob style without the use of heat.
I will be getting all future trims done professionally at the Electric Hair salon, at least until I manage to grow out my hair to armpit length. Getting my trims done at the salon means there will be the use of heat, I am due for a trim now and will be booking an appointment for Friday 9th September as its my mums birthday weekend so it will be nice to have my hair blowdried and flat ironed for the special occasion.

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  1. Loving your blog and love so love your blunt cut. It's so chic. Your hair will grow back in no time. Will have to try your salon, beautiful cut.


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