Wash Day Diary - 9 Weeks Post Relaxer

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Saturday 5th December 

There was no plan for this weekend's wash day. I knew I had to wash my hair and had nothing special planned for Saturday evening, yet I waited until the last minute to start my hair.

At about 7.30-8pm I applied my extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil mix to the length of my hair and scalp, covered with a plastic cap and beanie hat and let steam whilst I popped out with my son for snacks and Christmas decorations. When we got back home I removed my beanie hat and sat under the hood dryer for 30 minutes, then once cool, I rinsed my hair and then shampooed using Crème of Nature Moisture & Shine shampoo
After towel drying for 5 minutes, I deep conditioned with Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Superfruits Complex Masque mixed with my castor oil mix, covered with a plastic cap and sat under hood dryer for 30 minutes rinsing once cool.
T-shirt dried for 40 minutes then applied my leave-ins; Crème of Nature Straight from Eden Detangling leave-in, Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter leave-in, Grapeseed oil and a few drops of Fantasia IC Olive Oil Moisturizing Serum, detangled my hair in sections and then air-dried using my satin scarf to lay my edges.

Once 90% dry I spritzed my hair with a bit of water and spritzed my new growth with Root2Tip Honey Rain Juice, then moisturised and sealed with Root2Tip Triple M Moisture Milk and my avocado oil and lavender JBCO. I put my hair in a loose bun and covered with a satin scarf for bed.
When I woke up on Sunday morning and removed my satin scarf, my hair looked and felt so dry so I spritzed my hair with water and then moisturised and sealed again with Root2Tip Triple M Moisture Milk and my avocado oil and JBCO mix and then covered with a satin scarf again until I was ready to go out later in the day.

Sunday's Hairstyle
Monday's Hairstyle
On Monday, my hair still looked and felt dry so when I got home from work, I spritzed my hair with water and covered my hair with a plastic cap for an hour before going on to moisturise and seal my hair. 
Tuesday's Hairstyle
My hair still feels dry and I am at a loss as to why so tonight I will be co-washing my hair to give it a moisture boost. 

My new growth is getting out of control and I am only 9 weeks post relaxer. I want to stretch to 11 weeks so think I may need to bring the hair dryer out to help keep my new growth under control. I also think I need to go back to using my Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm to deep condition as it gives my hair so much slip which I need when detangling with all of this new growth. 

How was your washday?

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