Wash Day Diary - 12 Weeks Post Relaxer

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday 13th March

Following my relaxer prep washday last weekend, I had every intention of doing my relaxer touch up on Wednesday 9th March which is when my hair reached 12 weeks post relaxer. I was already in two minds whether I was in any rush to touch up my hair, then time of the month came and I always try to avoid doing my hair at this time as I am worried my scalp will be that little more sensitive and I may experience burns... Anyone else heard of this or is my family just making things up? 

I planned to pre-poo overnight with extra virgin coconut oil as I haven't done it in a while, however I fell asleep on the sofa catching up on my recordings and when I woke up I just took myself straight to bed. So first thing on Sunday morning, I applied extra virgin coconut oil to my hair liberally and went on to apply L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore conditioner, covered with a plastic cap, got some breakfast then sat under the hood dryer for an hour.

Once cool, I rinsed my hair and as I hadn't washed my hair in 9 days, I used ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo to ensure my hair was build up free. I lathered twice, and then towel dried for a few minutes whilst I cleaned the bathroom. As last washday was a relaxer prep day, this week I decided to deep condition with ORS Replenishing Conditioner. OMG..... I forgot how much I used to luurrvve this conditioner... Just applying it to my hair took me back to the good ole' days when this was my one and only conditioner before the product junkie in me arose and my hair was always on point and always so easy to detangle once rinsed out. I sealed the conditioner with my oil mix; JBCO, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil & extra virgin coconut oil, covered with a plastic cap and sat under the hood dryer for 15 minutes, rinsing once cool and taking the opportunity to detangle my hair whilst under running water.

I towel dried for a minute then t-shirt dried for 20 minutes. Having removed my t-shirt I applied my leave ins; Crème of Nature Strength & Shine leave-in, Aunt Jackie's Quench moisturising leave-in and sealed with Fantasia IC Olive Oil Moisturizing Serum. I detangled my hair in 6 sections then left my hair to air-dry for 20 minutes before going on to blow -dry my hair with cool air using the tension method focusing on my 12 week old new growth.

I usually trim my hair once it has been freshly relaxed but as I have made the decision to hold out another week or two, I decided today was the day to take off some of my length. Using the method used here by Jay from Relaxed Thairapy, I trimmed off just over 1.5 inches and then took my hair down to assess how it looked. I was in two minds if to just take my hair up to arm pit length but my partner told me not to do anything drastic until I had relaxed my hair. Instead, I trimmed off another inch and with shrinkage due to my new growth and texlaxed hair; my hair now sits just below arm pit length. With my hair fully stretched, it fall two inches above bra strap length and looks and feels thicker already.

Later in the evening before bed, I moisturised and sealed my hair in sections with Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and my sealing oil mix of Grapeseed oil and lavender JBCO then oiled my scalp with my avocado oil and lavender JBCO mix. I twisted my hair into a loose bun and then secured with my satin scarf ready for bed.

My partner's birthday is this coming Friday and it was always my intention to have my relaxer touch up before his birthday so my hair looked on point. As you can see from the above pic, my hair looks decent blow-dried so I may just wash my hair on Thursday evening and blow-dry it again with cool air or I may get to the middle of this week and decide I can't go any longer.... We shall wait and see...

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  1. I can definitely see alot more body in your hair.


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