Relaxer Touch Up - 13 Weeks Post Relaxer & Mini Chop

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thursday 17th March 

I decided enough was enough and I needed to touch-up my hair at 13 weeks post relaxer, last Thursday evening, here is how it went...

Sectioned hair into 4 quadrants then went through each quadrant dividing it into 1 inch sections and applied Roux porosity Control conditioner sealed with olive oil and petroleum jelly and twisted each section for ease of application.
I applied petroleum jelly to my hairline and scalp and then beginning with the back, started applying relaxer to my hair. Timer was set for 22 minutes. Hair was done in exactly 22 minutes so went to wash out of my hair... The water was freezing cold... I ran downstairs and for some reason my boiler wasn't on. I then had to reset the boiler and dash back up the stairs to finally wash the relaxer out.... All I can say is that, my end results are a lot straighter than I hoped and the front two sections of my hair look just about bone straight...

Anyway, I did a mid-step protein treatment with Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor and then went on to neutralize my hair with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo, lathering 5 times.

Once the relaxer was fully out of my hair, I applied my deep conditioner ORS Replenishing conditioner, sealed with my oil mix of extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil and sat under the hood dryer for 40 minutes.

Once rinsed I t-shirt dried for 25 minutes and then applied my leave-ins, Crème of Nature Strength & Shine leave-in, Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisturizing leave-in and sealed with Fantasia IC Olive oil Serum. I detangled in sections and then air-dried using the scarf method.

Once 90% dry, I moisturised and sealed with Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Lotion and sealed with my grapeseed oil and JBCO oil mix. It was mega late so I just put my hair in a loose bun, covered with a satin scarf and took myself to bed.

The next day was my Mr's birthday so for the day I just put my hair up in a loose bun as we were in the car heading up to London. For Friday night, I just added a little serum and finger combed my hair, wearing it down... I didn't get any pictures... However, here is my hair on Sunday at the end of the day after an unplanned twist out... 

My hair was just below bra strap length but as I mentioned before I had experienced some breakage nearly 4-5 months ago which has had a knock on effect to the back length of my hair so I decided to take the plunge and cut my hair back to arm pit length.

Sad times however, there is no point hanging on to long hair when the back is not as long and leaves my ponytail looking thin and when my hair is down well... You can imagine... 

My hair grows pretty fast and at arm pit length I rarely wear my hair down except for the odd occasion so I am anticipating that I can get some length back within 5 months taking us to August which is when my birthday is so that is my hair goal. Here is to choosing health over length and to help me along I have just purchased some chewable hair skin and nail tablets which are to be taken twice a day. They are not the greatest tasting tablets and are quite chalky but hey needs must and I am so serious about getting my length back...   

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  1. Congrats on another successful touch up chica! I wish that I would have known to use vaseline to base my scalp when I used to relax!

    Your length will be back in no time!

    KLP @

  2. Your length will be back in no time and the volume of your hair now looks great.


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