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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I'm loving my buns at the moment, protective styling and my hair is out of my reach so I'm not constantly playing with it. 
Heading out for lunch today.
Black Star Earring - *We Love Button Jewellery 

I have been quite naughty of late and have worn my hair down the majority of the time as the weather has been so nice but in recent days the temperature has fallen and so its time for my ends to be hidden away with various protective styles. I'm always on the look out for new protective styles on Instagram and Pinterest and also whilst reading other hair journey blogs.

I don't usually wear donut buns when I'm past 8 weeks post as I used to find the frizz of my edges and nape too much to bare but now I'll be doing ponytail roller sets and wet wraps using indirect heat, my new growth should be straighter and softer so I will be giving it a try and see how I go, I am also encouraged my the fact that I have Aloe Vera Gel in my possession which I use to slick my edges and nape (pepper knots). This is now one of my staple products for when the new growth sets in.

Protect your ends with protective styles as often as you can Ladies!!! 

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