Wash Day Diary - 1 Week Post Relaxer & Ponytail Roller Set

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey, today is wash day. I am one week and one day post relaxer and I actually having been meaning to give my hair a quick co-wash during the week as it was so limp but time just didn't allow. I have considered doing a roller set on my hair for a while now but have shied away from it because I'm anxious about the results and also it looks time consuming having to go through and install so many curlers, yes I'm lazy...

Last week I saw a picture of a girl on Instagram showing her ponytail roller set results and I just had to find out more so went on to YouTube to see what I could find. Considering I have never heard of this method before, there were so many videos to choose from. I got my hair relaxed last week and although it's lovely and straight, it was so limp I couldn't bare it so am happy wash day has finally arrived.

These are the steps I followed for today's wash day:

Oil Mix

Prepoo / Hot oil treatment using my oil mix (avocado oil; grapeseed oil; olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and coconut oil) and covered with a plastic cap and towel turban for 45 mins.

Shampooed my hair using Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo.

Deep conditioned my hair with ORS HaiRepair Nourishing Conditioner mixed with my African Royale Hot 6 oil, and a blob of Profectiv Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner covered with  a plastic cap and towel turban for 60 mins then combed the conditioner through my hair before rinsing.

Applied leave in; Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner and Creme of Nature Foaming Wrap Lotion

Lightly dried my hair with a towel and then sectioned my hair into six sections, three on each side left and right and tying each section with a tiny elastic band only wrapping around the hair twice. I split each ponytail into two and attached a 38mm magnetic roller to each section and securing with snap on curler covers. I kept my little water spray bottle handy as I read that you need to have your hair dripping wet when applying the rollers to ensure you don't end up with frizzy ends. I used a vintage hooded dryer that unfortunately is on it's last legs. In fact I think it would be unfair to use it again as I had to do a DIY job on it this morning just to get through today's wash day. It used to belong to my gran who then gave it to my aunt who I'm shamed to say, lent it to me about 6 years ago to do a treatment on my hair and I've had it ever since. I sat under the dryer for about an hour and 15 minutes and my hair was 95% dry, so I took out the rollers as I knew I'd have indents in my hair from the elastic bands. 

I lightly combed my hair with my wide teeth shower comb and applied a few drops of Fantasia IC Olive Oil Moisturizing Shine Serum and a quick spray of Creme of Nature Oil Sheen before wrapping my hair with a Denman Brush. 

I then covered my hair tightly with cling film (saran wrap) and sat back under the dryer for 25 mins to ensure my hair was fully dried.

Once dry, I gently combed out the wrap and was pleased to see soft and bouncy hair.I'm having an unplanned lazy day today so instead of having my hair down, I applied a few more drops of the IC serum and wrapped my hair back up, securing it with a satin scarf.

Time allowing, this will be my future method for wash days as I love the way my hair feels without having to use direct heat and it will definitely be a life saver and come in very handy when my new growth comes through. It is quite a time consuming process so I will need to get out of the habit of washing my hair late and make Saturday or Sunday mornings my wash days when I'm working. Luckily, I have some time off so I can wash my hair next Thursday before going back to work next Friday.

Note to self: Next time, add a few drops of serum to my hair when applying my leave in conditioner to give it a bit more shine and smoothness, other than that, I am very happy with my results.

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