My 1st Hair Journey Setback - 2 Inch Trim (26.04.13)

Saturday, June 01, 2013

At 8 weeks post, I had a shock of a lifetime, I had faced my first setback since starting my hair journey last year. On Thursday evening (25.04.13) after washing my hair and air-drying, I noticed that at least the last two inches of my ends were thin and see through, it was 10.30pm at night and if I could of I'd of got to a hair salon there and then. I called my boyfriend to examine my hair and I'm sure he was just being polite as he said it didn't look that bad at all but I was determined these ends had to go and reminded myself that my goal is to have healthy hair so I had to choose health over length. 

My boyfriend suggested I try a new salon as I always complain whenever I get my hair trimmed with my usual hair dressers as they always end up cutting off way more hair than I agreed to but when it's done it's too late. I had been told about a salon in Reading used by quite a few girls I know so decided to book an appointment with them the very next morning.

The Salon is called Belle Hair, based in Reading and they also have another salon in London I believe. At work on Friday I was excited for the end of the day as I couldn't wait to get rid of the dead ends and have healthy looking hair again but as the time came closer I was also nervous and annoyed that I obviously wasn't assessing my hair as good as I had thought otherwise my ends wouldn't have got to the stage where they looked thin and dead.

From the minute I walked through the door, I felt at ease, I was greeted with a smile and the girl at reception informed me that she had not too long ago spoken to my boyfriend on the phone who had rung to emphasise that I was only in for a trim and to warn them I may not even agree to a hot blow-dry as I was on a hair journey. I had to laugh as he knows I mean business when it comes to my hair and he's also worried that someone will cut off my hair and he loves long hair. I was then taken to have my hair washed by a lovely girl who was talkative but who also knew when to let me relax when she was massaging my head. Wow, the girl can give a good head massage, I was in heaven as I'm sure it has been at least 18 months since someone other than myself has washed my hair and that was in August 2011 in a Bajan Salon. I forgot the luxury of having a professional taking care of my hair from start to finish, it was amazing.

After my wash and condition, another girl then came and directed me to my seat and asked me how much I wanted taken off, I was real and said I wanted all the dead ends cut off even if it meant losing three inches of hair. She agreed the ends were dead but luckily said that I only needed to lose two inches so I was quite relieved as that extra inch always makes a difference.She gave me a wet trim and then proceeded to give me a blow dry, using a denman brush. I declined her offer to use the straighteners afterwards as I haven't used a straighteners in my hair for over two years and I wasn't about to break that cycle. 

Just from the blow-dry, my hair felt and looked gorgeous and it reminded me why I loved blow drying my hair for the silky straight look and feel every wash day so I was worried I may fall back into my old habits of using heat. I shouldn't of been worried as I am determined to have healthy long relaxed hair and heat plays no part in that (except maybe running low heat through your regrowth on a wash day to help you stretch your relaxer a bit longer).

The day after my trim and blow-dry

If you are local to Reading or the Belle Hair Salon in London, I would definitely give this salon a try. I had a very pleasant experience and will certainly be going back for my trims..

See Ya xxx

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  1. Belle Hair is the best hair salon I know. I used to go there when I used to live in Reading


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