I'm back... It's been a while.... Hair Update 01.06.13

Saturday, June 01, 2013

So I haven't blogged in a long while...2 months to be exact... I started a new job and on top of that I run an online jewellery shop; www.welovebuttonjewellery.co.uk / www.welovebuttonjewelry.etsy.com 
so I'm making jewellery after work to keep up with my orders as well spending quality time with my family etc.

(Would you believe I typed this post out on my blogger app this morning whilst at my son's football tournament and forgot to press save, just went to add pictures and there was only two lines of text... KMT!)

Football Tournament with my Little Man this morning
8.30am start = tired eyes

Today I am 1 week post relaxer, my good friend relaxed my hair last Friday (24.05.13) at 12 weeks post. Stretching my hair was an emotional roller coaster as when I got my hair relaxed three months ago, I think I washed my relaxer out before it's due time and ended up with under processed roots. This didn't really bother me at the time as instead of bone straight roots, I had like a loose curl texture which meant my hair had a lot more body to it than I'd usually have until a week or two after my relaxer.

It was when I got to 8-9 weeks post that I noticed that I was struggling to keep the first 3 inches from the roots soft ad moist and realised I was dealing with three different textures of hair; new growth, tex-laxed (loose curl texture as a result of  an under processed relaxer application) and bone straight.

I decided to cut back from washing my hair twice a week to once a week to try to retain moisture for longer, and began to rely on my homemade moisture mist which consists of glycerin, rose water and water to keep my roots moist and then sealing in the moisture with either olive or avocado oil. This helped me to get to 12 weeks but it was tough and I just kept my hair in protective styles almost every day.

One of my protective styles; flat twist at the front with a bun (with my girl V at the pub )
I also had to demote S-Curl from my no.1 spot as my staple moisturiser because after using it to moisturise my hair before sealing everyday, I was noticing that if I m&s (moisturised and sealed) at night before tying my hair with a satin scarf, the next morning my hair would feel dry as if it hadn't had moisture for days. I decided to moisturise and seal with my Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturiser and my hair thanked me for it, especially as I was stretching my relaxer to 12 weeks.
Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

So the stretch is over and I'm not sure if I will go 12 weeks again, I will try but this time round as it got longer into my stretch, I became bored of protective styling, bored of having to maintain the different textures I had in my hair and began questioning why I was stretching when all I really wanted was to be able to run my fingers through my hair from root to tip. I used to stretch to 12 weeks; years before I started my hair journey but the difference is that I was using high heat from the hair dryer on my hair every week without fail and so the new growth would become a manageable loose texture and I had no problems getting the comb through my hair. These are things I will take in to consideration when deciding whether to do a 12 week stretch this time as I am now using no heat at all and instead air drying or using the hair dryer on it's cold air setting and neither of them do much help with my new growth after I am 9 - 10 weeks post.

I will make sure from now on, never to leave it soooo long between posts and will try to update at least once a week with what I'm doing with my hair etc.

See Ya xx

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