Castor Oil Challenge

Sunday, June 23, 2013

After my big chop this weekend, my aim is now to grow my hair back to armpit length by November / December 2013 and to help me on my quest I shall be doing my own castor oil challenge of oiling my scalp using castor oil every night for the next four months and of course moisturising and sealing my ends every night religiously too.

Last year I did the Hairlicious 3 month castor oil challenge using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I had great results with thicker, softer regrowth and noticeable growth. 

In January 2013, I continue oiling my scalp with the JBCO and began to itch my scalp uncontrollably. I literally thought I had some kind of scalp disease, if I wasn't itching my scalp, I was thinking of itching my scalp and I constantly felt like my scalp was on fire. I knew the JBCO was helping my hair to grow and thicken, I didn't want to just stop using it so I decided to dilute it; 75% JBCO 25% Avocado Oil. This was an epic fail, my scalp was sore beyond belief so I stopped using it altogether and popped to the black hair shop for a bottle of normal pure castor oil. Five days later, having stopped using JBCO and instead applying my new pure castor oil, my scalp was showing signs of relief, within ten to 14 days, my scalp was back to normal. 

I've looked online and read a few comments from others who have experienced the same thing, apparently its the oil releasing all the toxins from relaxer applications etc which have seeped into the scalp, this causes the issues and usually disappears within seven days, unfortunately, this wasn't the case for me!

For this challenge, I will be applying my Pure Castor Oil to my scalp every other night until 23rd September 2013, I will post progress pictures, once a month.

For now, I'm loving my new cut, I haven't been this  length in over 18 months and as its summer (well supposedly), what better time for a cute blunt long bob!

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  1. Itching is usually a sign of hair growth. Keep doing what you are doing. I only do what works for me.


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