Quench My Curls 30 Day Challenge - Week Two

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My second week using this Quench Creme has left me wishing I knew about this product a lot sooner.

Considering the buttery consistency of this moisturiser, my hair has not felt weighed down but moist and amazingly soft to touch.

The colder temperatures are among us and whilst still using this to seal my hair after moisturising, I added just that little bit extra to the length of my hair and ends to ensure they stayed moist and sealed for the day. My hair has been tucked up in protective styles all week and sure enough at the end of the day, my hair has retained moisture.

What I also love about this Creme is that when moisturising and sealing after air-drying, my hair is still soft and moist the next morning which is a major bonus for me as with certain products I find my hair to be quite dry the morning after wash day...

I have been using the Quench Crème on my hair for two weeks now and I love it… This is my first experience in using a Moisturising Butter / Crème to seal my hair rather than my favourite oil for sealing which is grapeseed oil.

I have used Grapeseed oil to seal my hair all summer and it was already playing on my mind that sooner rather than later I would need to use a heavier oil to seal with as the colder weather creeps in. This Quench Crème is a fantastic alternative to using an oil and will last me a good while as with my hair a little definitely goes a long way.

Using the Triple M Milk and then following on with the Quench Crème is a magical mix.

Please excuse my desk selfies, I didn't take proper photos this week, my bad!

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