How I: Dust My Ends

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Over the last few weeks I have been noticing my ends starting to get a bit wispy, nothing major at all but in need of a little dusting.

Last night, I moisturised and sealed my hair, oiled my scalp and put the length of my hair into one big pin curl and secured my hair with my satin scarf. This morning  when I took my hair down, it was lovely and soft and my ends were well moisturised which highlighted I would say 5 millimeters of wisp.

What is Dusting?

Dusting your hair is when are just snipping off the tips of your hair. You will not lose any of your length and won't have a breakdown when you look down and see what has been left in the sink. It's like hair dust!

Dusting is not a quick fix for anyone in need of a good trim. Once you have a had a trim, dusting will maintain your trim for longer.

Here is what I did:

I sectioned my hair into 6  and secured with clips.

One section at a time I twisted my hair in a downward position. I have long layers in my hair from my last trim, the ends of the layers as well as any split ends stick out of the twist.

Holding the ends of the twist taut; I went up the twist carefully snipping off the layered / split ends which stuck out of the twist. 

After going through each section, I took my twists out and combed my hair down straight before clipping off just the very tips of my ends.

This is the amount of hair that was in my sink after my dusting session. Nothing to lose any sleep about and my ends are looking and feeling much healthier and rid of split ends. Dusting my ends every 4-6 weeks will keep my ends healthy.

Nice clipped ends...

Do you dust your ends, if so what method do you use?

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