Dusting My Ends 13.03.14

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Over the last week I've been noticing that my ends were in need  of a mini trim which brought back the painful memories of October last year when I asked my hairdresser at the time to trim my ends and ended up with a hacked hair mess. 

Instead of picking up the phone and making any hasty appointments, I decided to dust my hair myself. My ends were not terrible, they just needed the very ends to be trimmed.

I combed through my hair to ensure there were no tangles and then parted my hair down the middle. On each side I sectioned my hair into 4 sections, twisting them as I went along. Then going through each section I re-twisted the hair and using my hair scissors I trimmed off the short stray ends which stuck out along the length of the twists.

To trim my ends, I parted my hair into four sections, securing each section with a clip so I could deal with one section of hair at a time. Pulling the section of hair taut, I gently clamped the hair between my fingers running them down to ends leaving 0.5cm of the ends which I trimmed off. I went through and did this to each section. 

This is the amount of hair taken off from the whole head. Pretty Painless!
After my dramatic cut in October last year, the front of my hair was layered so I parted my hair as if to create a fringe and pulling the hair taut, trimmed the ends using the same method I used throughout the hair.

Call me crazy but just taking off half a centimetre made my hair feel healthier and thicker. I will continue to dust my hair as and when it is needed.

De’Onne x

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