Relaxer Touch Up - 11 Weeks Post

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Late posting this as I have had a hectic few weeks.

Saturday 2nd March 2013

I tried so hard to wait until I was 12 weeks post to relax my hair but my regrowth was so thick, and in the final week, I literally couldn't do anything but to bun my hair everyday and I decided enough was enough.

I have self relaxed before but as my hair has grown longer, I prefer to get it done by someone else. I am lucky to have a friend who is a mobile hairdresser who is happy to come to my home and apply the relaxer to my hair, I get her to do it to ensure I don't over process my hair or miss any sections in the back or nape area.

I used my usual Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer, no-lye, normal strength. Before my hairdresser came round, I applied castor oil to my scalp and over the lengths of my hair excluding the regrowth.

Once my friend had applied the relaxer and left, I rinsed my hair thoroughly before neutralizing my hair with the ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo four times to ensure all relaxer had been washed out of my hair. 

I followed up with a 45 min deep conditioning treatment using ORS Replenishing Conditioner mixed with Avocado oil, EVOO & Grapeseed oil.

After rinsing out my deep conditioner, I left my hair to t-shirt dry for 30 minutes to absorb excess water.

I then applied my leave ins which was Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and S-Curl before finger detangling my hair before air-drying using the scarf method.

Once my hair was 90% dry, I then moisturized and sealed with S-Curl and Avocado Oil.

This is the first time I have air-dried after relaxing my hair and I am loving the results. It feels so good to be able to run my fingers through my hair with no regrowth in the way. 

After having my hair relaxed I like to keep it straight for the first 3-4 weeks so I will be wrapping hair at night and tying down with my faithful satin scarf.

After my recent trim, my hair is back to just past armpit length. As I am adamant not to use any heat on my hair, I haven't even straightened it for a length check or for the slick effect after my relaxer, air-drying and wrapping does the job.

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