From Lye to No-Lye Relaxer....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Although I am now fully texlaxed, as mentioned in my last hair update post, my hair is by no means uniform in texture from root to tip especially my where my last two relaxer touch ups led to my hair coming out with less texture than desired.

This led me to thinking back to when I first started hair journey and the fact that I had actually started to texlax by accident when rinsing out my no-lye relaxers before the relaxer had time to fully process. It wasn't something I noticed until after starting my hair journey as prior to this, I was just used to washing my hair and blow drying straight after whereas on my hair journey, I was air drying and getting to see the texture of my hair.

The only reason I switched from no-lye relaxer to lye relaxer was because I wanted to do a corrective relaxer. I had self relaxed 2 years ago and was left with way more texture than I could handle and after doing some research it was said that using a lye relaxer would be more beneficial in helping me to correct the under processed areas in my hair.  

My mother-in-law did my corrective relaxer for me and the lye relaxer did the trick, I was left with way less texture and noticed my hair didn't feel dry and coated like it usually does after relaxer day using a no-lye relaxer. After this relaxer touch-up I just continued to use the lye relaxer as I could store it until the next touch-up was due and so saved money too.

As much as the lye relaxer has had its advantages for me, I will be going back to using a no-lye relaxer in October when my next touch-up is due. I used a no-lye relaxer for over 15 years and since I started to self relax my hair I was unintentionally texlaxed as I was always running to wash the relaxer out when I could of chilled for another minute or two. The lye relaxer for me processed my hair so much quicker than the no-lye and even when mixing oil to the relaxer to slow down the process, the lye was proved difficult to texlax with and I never know how my hair is going to turn out.

Using the no-lye relaxer means I have more control, I can continue to add oil to my relaxer but only one tablespoon as I remember prior to switching to no-lye, I had never mixed oils with the relaxer or added oil to my new growth previous to a relaxer touch-up and I would always rush to wash my hair out by 20-21 minutes and was left with unintentional texture. The first touch-up or two will be trial and error but I'll soon find what works for me. The no lye relaxer is harsher on the hair than a lye relaxer but I will ensure to always do a medium protein treatment the week before touch-ups to strengthen and prepare my hair for the chemical process and I have actually started to do a medium protein treatment the week after my touch-up as well.

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