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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


A bit about me...

Welcome to 'The Healthy Hair Diary' - My online journal, documenting my  hair journey to thicker, healthier longer relaxed hair.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions on any of my posts and follow The Healthy Hair Diary blog if you'd like to see what is happening with my hair, as well as product reviews, new methods and additions to my regime etc.

I have had relaxed hair for 15 years and although I have gone from long to short to long again, I was not looking after my hair properly. Looking back to how much heat and unnecessary manipulation I put my hair through for the last 14 and 1/2 years, and knowing what I know now about my hair and how to look after it, I could have beautiful thick waist length relaxed or natural hair by now. It makes me sad just thinking about it. The only good thing I had been doing was wrapping my hair every night and tying it with my faithful satin scarf, deep conditioning my hair on every wash day and waiting 10-12 weeks between each relaxer, other than that, I was a clueless product junkie. I actually believed that I was just lucky to have good strong hair that always grew back whenever I cut it. I got a trim every 3 months at the salon along with the occasional deep treatments whenever I noticed shedding and a blow-dry every so often when I felt like being pampered.

Six years ago, my hair was shoulder length and was the longest it had been since I was fifteen. I don't know what possessed me but I randomly decided I wanted to have a different look so I got my hair cut into a bob, one side longer than the other. It was lovely, thick and healthy but I was bored in a week, so decided to go a bit more extreme and have one side shaved off. It was summer time and it looked cute if I do say so myself but when winter came, I had deep regrets. I missed putting my hair in a bun and going through the door, I missed being able to have different styles, basically I missed my long hair. I eventually grew my hair into a bob and from there decided to never cut my hair short again.

October 2011

February 2012

Fast forward to January 2012,  I had successfully grown my hair to just past shoulder length but the problem then was that I couldn't seem to grow it any longer...

In April 2012, I started my own online jewellery business We Love Button Jewellery, and started working with fashion and beauty bloggers and that's when I stumbled across a relaxed hair blogger who had started her hair journey... I spent a whole Friday evening searching for and reading more hair blogs. Everything I was reading was making so much sense, there were so many things I wasn't doing that I could of easily been doing.

As well as blogs there were also links to videos on YouTube to which I found a video by U Love Megz, and after seeing the length of her hair,  I subscribed to her channel straight away and decided I needed to start my own hair journey....

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  1. its excellent your hair is so shiny and the tips were so good...

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