Homemade Moisturising Mist

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The further weeks post relaxer I get, the harder it becomes to maintain my new growth and keep it as moist as the rest of my hair. I am currently 10 weeks post and noticed my new growth was feeling quite dry every day from about 8 weeks post.

From the beginning of my hair journey, I have also used my much loved S-Curl on my new growth to keep it moist and hydrated, however, I wanted something a little lighter to spray onto my new growth before moisturising and sealing my hair everyday.

I decided to do some research online on homemade moisturising mists recipes for relaxed hair as I have read a few blogs where ladies have made their own moisturising mist instead of going out and buying one.

Water, Rose Water and Glycerin as well as a choice of leave in conditioner or oil were the popular ingredients that both natural and relaxed hair users were mixing together to form a moisturising mist.

These are the ingredients I used to mix my own moisturising mist:

  • Evian Bottle Water
  • Glycerin & Rose Water Mix
  • A few drops of EVOO
  • A few drops of African Royale Hot 6 Oil

I have been using it on my hair as an additional leave in; to soften my new growth before moisturising and sealing and to spray on my hair then sealing before doing a braid out on dry hair. I'm loving it....

UPDATE - 01.06.13

When my last bottle of moisturising mist ran out I decided to try my Rose Water & glycerine mix, with some Evian water and a few drops of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner as I am after something extremely light but moisturising at the same time. This mix is perfect. I occasionally use this if I want to baggy the length of my hair. I'm still in love...

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