Hair Update | January - May 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I have been missing for so long it’s probably looked like I just gave up blogging and moved on with life. That has definitely not been the case but the last few months have been so hectic that my blog has had to take a back seat.

My last post was back in February and my last hair update was at the beginning of January which documented my last relaxer update from the end of December in which I also spoke about experiencing breakage to the nape of my hair.

When it has come to my hair over the last 4 months, I have kept things very simple. There have been a few weekends where I just couldn’t face washing my hair and kept putting it off so instead I would apply extra virgin olive oil from root to tip and go about my day. This was always with the intention of washing my hair on a Monday evening but there have been times, I just kept applying more oil until I was ready to wash my hair and surprisingly, my hair loved it.

I have had my hair in a low manipulation style every day for the last four months, I wasn’t happy with my ends and my goal was to grow out my hair and recover from the nape breakage before giving myself a good trim and making my hair even.

Two weeks ago, I had washed my hair and applied my leave- ins and was about to move on to blow-drying when I noticed just how bad my ends were so decided to take them off one time. I took off about 2 inches and it made such a dramatic difference to how my hair felt and looked.

Following my trim, my hair is back to health and I can now focus on being consistent with my hair regime and growing out my hair. As much as I am aware that my wash day posts could be pretty boring or repetitive, I have decided to go back to documenting my weekly wash days so that if and when required I am able to go track what I have been doing with my hair and if trying new products I can see what works and does not work for my hair.

Low Manipulation (protective) Hair Styles from January to Now. Last Pic is following my Trim.

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