Relaxer Touch Up - 30.11.2014

Monday, December 01, 2014

I finally decided it was time to relax my hair this weekend at 15 weeks post. My intention was to relax on Friday but I ended up going out for drinks after work so hair was not an option when I eventually got home. Saturday I went out for the day with my cousins and decided to do my hair when I got back in, but then got in late and again hair was not an option. I had dinner plans for Sunday afternoon so knew if I was going to do my hair this weekend then it had to be done on Sunday morning without fail.

These are the steps I followed for my relaxer touch-up....

I finger detangled my hair and then detangled with a wide teeth comb. Sectioned my hair into four and then for each section, oiled the length of my hair including my new growth with extra virgin olive oil and then coated the length of each section with Roux porosity control conditioner up to the demarcation line to protect my previously relaxed/texlaxed hair. I went on to divide the sections into one inch segments and twisted my hair from the line of demarcation to help with easy application of the relaxer to my new growth.

Timer set at 20 minutes, I used the ORS Professional Lye Relaxer and starting with the two back sections first, I applied the relaxer to my new growth. The timer went off whilst I was smoothing each section so I carried on smoothing for another minute or two and then rinsed.

With the relaxer rinsed out, I towel blotted my hair and applied Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor for 2-3 minutes whilst I whipped up my deep conditioner mix, then rinsed and neutralized my hair using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo.

I applied my deep conditioner mix; Creme of Nature Argan Oil conditioner, ORS HaiRepair Nourishing conditioner, honey and grapeseed oil, covered with a plastic cap and sat under the hood dryer for 25 minutes before rinsing.

I t-shirt dried for 20 minutes, then sectioned my hair, applied Creme of Nature Straight From Eden detangling leave in conditioner then detangled my hair using a wide teeth comb. Detangled, I applied Root2Tip Triple M Miracle Moisture Milk and a dab of Creme of Nature Argan Oil before air-drying using a satin scarf.

Once 85-90% dry, I moisturised and sealed with Root2Tip Triple M Milk and grapeseed oil and oiled my scalp with my oil mix; JBCO, avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.

I am pleased with the results although I have been left with slightly more texture in some areas then intended. I definitely could of left the relaxer creme on the front two sections for a few more minutes but I am sure I will manage just fine and if need be I can correct these sections when I relax again in 3-4 months time or sooner if necessary.

Although I only trimmed recently, I still need to trim maybe an inch off, which I will do sooner rather than later. I am a lover for a low bun but I have noticed a little breakage at the point where my low bun sits so I have to get creative with styles using clips, bobby pins etc.

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