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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In the UK, after all the lovely weather we have been having recently, it is now time for April showers... 

I couldn't sleep last night and when morning came, it was  struggle to get out of bed. I was going to wear my hair down as I didn't really have time to do anything with it but then my son shouted that it was due to rain and so I did a hot step to the bathroom to scoop my hair into a bun.

Starting off by parting a deep side parting in my hair, with the hair on the right of my parting I did a two strand flat twist and secured the end of the twist (hanging from my hair) with a clip whilst I put the remainder of my hair into a pony tail twisting the ends and tucking them in the hair band. Using the end of the flat twist at the front of my hair, I wrapped it around my ponytail twist before securing with a small black clamp clip.

Voilà.... A nice easy protective style for work.. This is my go to style for work if I'm not wearing it down or wearing a high bun. I can literally do this style with my eyes shut...

What's your go to protective style?

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