Wash Day Diary: 6 Weeks Post & Dusting!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

4th May 2014

I'm a little late at posting this as I started a new job this week and with all the training and new systems etc by time I got home in the evenings, I couldn't bare to look at the laptop...

These are the steps I followed for last weeks wash day: 

I pre-pooed my hair with my Coconut oil for 45 mins whilst I had my breakfast.

I shampooed my hair twice, using Creme of Nature Argan Shampoo. 

Coffee rinsed my hair 4 times and then applied my deep conditioner Creme of Nature Argan Conditioner mixed with Almond Oil without rinsing the coffee out first. I covered with a plastic cap and my heat wrap for 30 mins.

Once I rinsed out the DC and, I t-shirt dried for 45 mins and then applied Herbal Essences Split End Protector Cream on my ends only and sprayed my roots and the length of my hair with Shea Moisture Thickening Mist. Sectioning my hair into four, I added  two drops of grape seed oil (oil) and a small blob of Keracare Leave In and Shea Moisture Growth Thickening Milk (cream) through each section before detangling my hair and air-drying using the scarf method. 

Once my hair was 90% dry, I moisturized and sealed with She aMoisture Growth Thickening Milk and Grapeseed Oil.

For my last wash day I did a coffee rinse which I rinsed before applying conditioner and loved the results. This week I decided to try leaving the coffee in my hair and applying my DC on top. My hair felt quite dry after washing out my DC and as I swear by Creme of Nature Argan Conditioner for great slip, it can only be the coffee left in my hair that contributed to the dry feel. With that lesson learnt, I will continue to coffee rinse but will ensure I rinse my hair before applying conditioner.

The next day was bank holiday Monday and whilst I had time on my hands I decided to dust my ends, which I find a lot less daunting now.... I sectioned my hair into two by parting my hair down the middle to form two bunches and then dividing the two sections into four so that in total I had 8 sections. I have shorter lengths to the front of my hair so sectioning my hair makes it easier to ensure I don't miss any hair. I took about 1cm off the length of my hair.
Air-dried Hair

De’Onne x

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