Hair Goals for 2017 | 6 Month Review

Friday, June 16, 2017

At the beginning of the year, I set myself some hair goals for the year ahead. It is now June and we are halfway through the year so let's take a look and see how I am doing:

Keep it Simple & Be Consistent

I have definitely been keeping things simple with my hair year to date. There has been the occasional weekend where I just couldn't face washing my hair so instead would apply extra virgin olive oil to my hair so that I was pre-pooing my hair until  I decided to wash it. I have been very consistent with moisturising and sealing my hair, and have found that now I am blow-drying with cold air every washday, I no longer need to moisturise and seal my hair on a daily basis as my hair isn't as dry as it would be if I air-dried.

Grow Out Breakage Areas

Due to the breakage I suffered last year and again at the end of 2016, I was on a mission to grow out these sections of hair to get my hair back to one length. Well as mentioned in a previous post, I gave myself a trim in April to get rid of all breakage and now I just need to ensure my relaxer touch-ups are consistent with regards to the time I leave it on my hair to avoid any further under processed hair leading to breakage. I also use a light protein conditioner on a weekly basis whether to deep condition or to pre-poo and do a medium protein treatment every 4-5 weeks.

Restrain My Inner Product Junkie

I have done really well with this goal as I have just been sticking to the staple products that I know work for my hair. Interestingly as well is the fact that I used to follow a lot of blogs and vlogs of girls who were relaxed and were always trying new products and giving them rave reviews which always got me excited and I'd find myself buying products that I didn't even need just to give them a try. A year or two later and majority of the relaxed ladies I used to follow have either gone natural or are transitioning to natural so I don't see as many products reviews and relaxed hair regimes which has definitely helped my product addiction.

Achieve Thicker Hair

To achieve thicker hair, I am still oiling my scalp at least twice a week with an oil mix which consists of; Jamaican Black Castor Oil, extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil.

Extra virgin coconut oil is my go to when it comes to pre-pooing my hair, however, in recent months I have become obsessed with extra virgin olive oil and have used this quite often to pre-poo instead. Going forward, I will use extra virgin olive oil to mix with my deep conditioners, to seal my hair and in my scalp oil mix, but I am going back to using either extra virgin coconut oil to pre-poo either on its own or mixed with a light protein conditioner.

I purchased some Vitamins for the Hair purchased from Holland & Barrett back in December to see if taking them would make a difference to the health of my hair but unfortunately, I am never consistent with taking them. I have a reminder that comes up on my phone every morning at 10am but I am always busy doing something and tell myself I will take them later but always forget. I have changed my reminder to lunchtimes as I have my lunch pretty much the same time every day and can take the tablets as soon as I finish eating.

Drink More Water & Eat Healthier

This was one of my goals last year which I failed. I only became serious about drinking water in November and I would like to say that I have been consistent but I have failed on this goal a good few times.

My goal is to up my water in-take and also start to work out more at home. I rarely get to the gym as I always have so much on, however I can always find time to work out at home. I tried to get up and do early morning workouts and I just couldn't get out of bed so instead I switched it up and now go home from work, change into work out gear and do a workout before I do anything else, even if it's a 20 minute workout, it's better than nothing.

Let's see how I get on in my next update in December.

What goals did you set yourself for 2017?

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  1. Im also on a mission to grow out the hair in breakage areas. For me my crown area. Which means keeping my fingers out of my hair, and investing in anti-itch treatments. For some reason my crown area itches the most.

    1. Extra virgin coconut oil can be soothing and benefical for the scalp so hopefully this may releive your itching. I am currently oiling my scalp with a mix of extra virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

  2. Thanks for this great post! I had so much breakage and needed to grow it out but nothing worked until I started using pump hair growth products I also used coconut oil on the ends where I had the driest parts. I think using this together was the thing that worked here is the link if anyone is interested also has any tried castor oil for growth? I noticed it is an ingredient in the pump range but wanted to know if used on its own would this be a benifit to the growth?


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