Hair Goals for 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy New Year!!

It’s 2017 already and it feels like the years are flying by… I wish you all the love, happiness and success for the New Year. It’s the beginning of a new year which is the perfect time to set myself new goals I want to achieve with regards to my hair.

Here are my 2017 hair goals:

Keep it Simple & Be Consistent
I have been on my hair journey for 4 years now and although I try my best, there are times when I am not consistent with how I care for my hair. This year I intend to stick to my wash days and regimen so I can maintain the health of my hair and length retention. I know what works for my hair and what doesn’t and the biggest setback I have experienced in the last two years was suffering from under-processed hair. I can no longer try to leave too much texture in my hair when applying relaxer to my new growth as this has continued to lead to major breakage. When doing a relaxer touch-up, I need to stick to 18-20 minutes application time and no longer aim for the shorter time of15 minutes.

Grow Out Breakage Areas
As mentioned above under-processing my hair has led to a lot of breakage to my hair which has been an absolute nightmare. The back of my hair in particular has suffered the most due to many different textures of hair and I guess also by my not realising how bad the damage was until it was too late. This year my goal is to grow out the breakage areas by sticking to my hair regime, ensuring my hair is kept moist and sealed with a natural oil, dusting my ends when necessary and also by keeping up with monthly protein treatments to add strength to my hair.

Restrain My Inner Product Junkie
Over the last four years I ended up buying almost every product which had received good reviews expecting amazing results for my own hair, only to find certain products did nothing for my hair and I had wasted my money.   Restraining my inner product junkie was also a goal for 2016 and I can honestly say I succeeded as I stopped buying products unnecessarily and only bought products which I needed and believed would be good for my hair.

Achieve Thicker Hair
My hair felt and looked a lot thicker when my hair was texlaxed as there was so much texture left in my hair. Although I am no longer trying to leave as much texture in my hair as possible, I will still ensure that when applying the relaxer to my new growth, all smoothing is done with glove protected hands only instead of smoothing with the relaxer brush so my hair has a little kink once freshly relaxed. I will also continue to incorporate Jamaican black castor oil with other natural oils when oiling my scalp every other day to help promote thick and healthier hair. I will also be taking Vitamins for the Hair purchased from Holland & Barrett and will see if this makes any difference.

Drink More Water & Eat Healthier
This was one of my goals last year which I failed. I only became serious about drinking water in November and I need to continue with this for the year ahead.

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