Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Giving My Hair Life!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So about a month ago I noticed I was running low on extra virgin coconut oil and as I use it to both pre-poo my hair and to moisturise my face at night, I decided to leave the little bit left to use on my face in the evenings before bed until I got to the supermarket. That said, I also wanted to try a different oil to use to seal in my moisturiser when moisturising and sealing each night so as I had extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen cupboard already, this was my oil of choice.

I used the EVOO to pre-poo my hair instead of using extra virgin coconut oil and also used it to mix in with my deep conditioner and at the end of wash day, my hair was left feeling so moist and strong, it was a dream to handle my hair.

When using it seal in the moisture from my moisturiser, after the first day, I was left wondering why I hadn't used this sooner. With the colder weather my hair can feel quite dry by the end of the day but sealing with extra virgin olive oil mean my hair is left softy and so moist at the end of the day that I no longer need to moisturise and seal on a daily basis and can instead do it either every other night or every 3 days which is amazing. My hair no longer feels weighed down within 3-4 days of wash day which also means if I don't feel like washing my hair when the weekend comes, my hair is still full of shine and moisture and plays ball.
I have been oiling my scalp with Jamaican black castor oil mixed with a few drops of peppermint oil over the last few months now, but the peppermint oil smell has become a bit overbearing. As the EVOO has proven to keep my hair soft and moist, I decided to also use it to oil my scalp and at the time was dealing with new growth from being 11 weeks post , it managed to keep my new growth so soft, moist and manageable, that I can honestly say I am in love with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it has become my favourite.

My son has natural hair and currently has a box style haircut with the top measuring about 5 inches long and he finds it can get quite dry after wash days with major shrinkage so I gave him his own bottle of EVOO to use to seal his hair after moisturising and he too has noticed a major change in his hair and how moist, soft and stretched it has now become.

How do you use extra virgin olive oil for your hair?

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  1. I love EVOO. I use it for my hot oil treatment and to seal my ends. It is definitely the ultimate hair food.

    1. It's amazing how much it has changed the way my hair feels in such a short space of time.


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