Hair Goals for 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am usually never organised enough to set myself goals at the beginning of the year but this year I plan to be different. I am going to document my hair goals from now and can then track my progress throughout the year and having a goals list will help me to stay focused.

Here are my hair goals for 2016:

Keeping it Simple....
Having been on my hair journey for just under 4 years, it is only in 2015 that I really learnt what my hair likes and loathes. When I first decided to start my hair journey I had no clue what I was doing and was trying to incorporate so many things from other ladies regimes into mine that I was quite simply doing too much and I used to get so many comments thrown my way on the length of time it took to wash my hair etc. In the last year I decided I no longer wanted to spend an entire day washing my hair and decided to make my regime as simple as possible. My hair loves me for it. My hair can be washed and dry including air-drying within 2-3 hours maximum and that is because I like to sit under the hood dryer when conditioning and even pre-pooing so this add time. I pre-poo overnight where possible, shampoo, deep condition and air-dry.

Grow my nape...
My nape area broke quite considerably last year due to majorly under-processing my hair and my strands being unable to cope with the many textures and demarcation line no matter how much moisture I provided. I have never been successful in making my nape the same length as the rest of my hair but my goal for this year is to keep the nape of my hair healthy, to baby it and prevent any further breakage. In August/September last year I gave the nape of my hair a major trim so it is considerably shorter than the rest of my hair but I needed to trim it to enable to it grow rather than leaving it a frizzy mess. I am a little conscious of it when wearing my hair down as my hair is no longer all one length but I know it will grow if I look after it and keep it moist at all times and I look forward to seeing my progress in 12 months' time. I refuse to cut my hair to match the length of my nape despite knowing this is what most would do. Instead when I get to July, I will assess and see where my nape has got to and make a decision from there.

Maintain the health of my hair
I finally feel as though I know what works and doesn't work for my hair and  I need to ensure that I maintain the health of my hair, keeping consistent with moisturising and sealing and also ensuring to dust when necessary and deep condition with every wash day.

Protect my Ends...
I do this anyway but it is an important goal if I want to retain my length. Before starting my journey I wore my hair down every day and could never understand why my hair would stay one length. Now, I rarely wear my hair down especially in the colder months. My aim for this year ahead is to only wear my hair down once or twice a month if that...

Restraining my inner Product Junkie
It's no secret that I am a self-confessed product junkie... Well this year I need to get a grip on my addiction.... I love to follow blogs of my fellow ladies on their hair journeys and the minute I see a new product and see rave reviews, the product is already sitting in my shopping cart ready for purchase. I have so many products I am running out of space and I am aware I only have one head of hair. So with that said, I will be sticking with what works for my hair and the only purchases I will be making is to re-stock items or replace an old item with something new. Wish me luck with this goal.

Experiment with hairstyles
I have always been pretty boring with my hair, I either wear it down in a straight style or I have my hair in a protective low manipulation style. Well this year, I would like to try curly styles which include braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots and also curls with satin pillow rollers.

I will absolutely honest right now and admit that I did not enter the gym not once in 2015, I have worked out at home but even then it was not consistent. This year I aim to be consistent with my work outs and would also like to start back  running as it is something I started over the summer but when the weather got cold I lost my drive. I will be signing up to the gym again in the next few weeks and in the meantime I have been getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual to do a morning workout at home. If I have been too tired in the mornings, then when I get home in the evening I put dinner on then will work out for 30-45 minutes either every day or every other day.

What are your 2016 goals?

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