Wash Day Diary Update: 1- 4 Weeks Post

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

December 2014 was a busy month, personally and professionally and despite my best intentions I neglected to update on my wash days etc for the whole month.

Nothing really changed with my wash day routine except that I alternate the products I use. The first two wash days after my relaxer touch up were fine, no drama..  Weeks 3 & 4, wow, hard work! My roots were over thick and the detangling sessions were a lengthy process.

Here is a brief outline of my recent wash days:

At 1 week post relaxer, I pre-pooed with coconut oil for an hour, shampooed with CON (Creme of Nature) Argan Oil shampoo, applied Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor to the length of my hair and left in for 10 minutes before deep conditioning with CON Argan Conditioning Treatment and Aphogee Moisture Balance conditioner mixed with avocado oil and JBCO (with heat). After applying my leave ins and detangling,  I air-dried using the scarf method.

Week 2 - Prepooed with a mix of coconut and grapeseed oil, shampooed with CON Argan Shampoo, tea rinsed with Green tea, and deep conditioned with  ORS Nourishing Conditioner and Aphogee Moisture Balance conditioner mixed with avocado oil and JBCO (with heat)

Week 3 - Wash day was exactly the same as week 2.

Week 4 - Same as the week before except this week, I decided not to prepoo so went straight to the shampoo stage, tea rinsed with a mix of black and green tea and then oil rinsed with a mix of extra virgin olive & grapeseed oil before deep conditioning using heat as above.

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