Hair Update / Set Back... 31.12.13

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas...

I have been away for ages and again it's due to work, the jewellery business and family life but the main big reason is because on October 25th 2013 I faced a major setback that reduced me to tears... 

After dusting my hair for the first time I still thought I had a centimeter of ends left to be trimmed and instead of trying to do it myself I called my mobile hairdresser to come round and give the ends a little snip.

What a huge mistake!!!! 
Mistake no. 1: I didn't bring the long-length mirror downstairs so was sat blind.
Mistake no.2: Due to it being a trim, I didn't even check in the mirror before she left. 
Mistake of the year: She somehow managed to chop into my hair rather than trimming the ends. I finally went upstairs to assess my healthy ends after a trim to find my hair was different lengths and I mean drastically like someone had just hacked chunks of length from my hair. I almost started hyperventilating but I was so shocked at what I was seeing that I has to keep calm just to look in the mirror and assess the situation. 

I went downstairs to check the floor and there were random lengths of hair on the floor, why didn't I notice this before? I asked my partner to check my hair and he confirmed my hair was a hot mess. I was so angry at myself for letting this happen, I'm still upset now when I see others with longer lengths, lengths I'd have now if this hair massacre hadn't happened.

I went to my trusty hair dressers the very next morning and had enough time to come to terms with the fact that I'd be losing even more hair in order to make my hair look decent again. My hairdresser was dismayed at the sight of my hair and gave me a hug as she knows how I am when it comes to my hair. She got to work and although she tried to take off as little as possible, with the massacre the night before and then her having to correct it, I ended up with neck length hair, I would say at least 2 inches shorter than what I had to begin with. 

However its a lesson learnt and I've been on my hair journey long enough to know that as well as success you will also face set backs and I've seen the rewards in my hair since starting my had journey so I have not been discouraged but more determined to take even better care of my hair and to only trust one person to trim my hair if at all. I actually intend on having a school up day on YouTube and learning to self trim which admittedly is a daunting experience but something that has to be done.

It's 9 weeks on and I finally have length that I can actually work with to which I am so grateful for as I've had a busy December with a lots of parties to attend. 

One thing I can say is this setback has made me faithful to my castor oil challenge which I started literally the day after the whole disaster. I'm not sure if it has helped my hair grow any faster but usually at 9 weeks post I am counting down the days until I get to 12 weeks so I can get my new growth touched up but this time round my new growth is lovely and soft and I think it is down the fact that I have been trying to but not always oiling my scalp every night when I moisturise and seal my hair rather than every other night like I used to. I have been using my oil mix of Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), Avocado Oil, Pure Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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  1. Castor oil will get you back on track. Don't worry! Your hair looks healthy, though. Happy New Year!!


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