Caring for my Hair on Holiday

Monday, October 31, 2016

I have just returned from an amazing family holiday in Barbados and it was extremely hot for this time of year which means I had to ensure that my hair has been kept moist at all times.

We pretty much went to a beach every day. To prepare my hair before leaving for the beach, I applied a mix of Herbal Essences hello hydration conditioner mixed with glycerin and water to the length of my hair and sealed with extra virgin coconut oil. I kept both the conditioner mix and the coconut oil in 100ml travel size bottles which I bought from Primark so that whilst at the beach if needed I was able to apply more product to my hair. We also used sun loungers and parasols each time we went to the beach so that when we weren't in the sea, we had shelter from the heat.

Two of my beach hairstyles to keep my ends protected.

Once back from the beach, I would rinse and apply conditioner to my hair whilst having a shower and would then go on to co-wash with the hello hydration conditioner.  I t-shirt dried for 10-15 minutes and then applied my leave ins before detangling my hair and air-drying which has been effortless as it's been so warm my hair has been drying in no time. I was away for two weeks and ensured to shampoo and do a thorough deep condition once a week and moisturised and sealed every night with Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer and extra virgin coconut oil. 

As my last relaxer touch-up was on 7th October, on my first weekend in Barbados when washing my hair, I deep conditioned using Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise which is a medium protein treatment to add some strength back into my hair.

I packed both my hairdryer and my hair straighteners but just looking at them made me feel hot and I didn't want any hair on my shoulders or in my face so I just kept my hair up in a bun or in bunches to keep my ends protected. 

One evening I decided to do a twist out as we were going out for the night. I washed my hair, air-dried, added my leave ins and then put my hair into eight rough sections to avoid partings showing. I applied Cantu Define & Shine Custard to each section and sealed with extra virgin coconut oil before twisting. Once twisted, I covered with a satin bonnet and left on whilst I got ready. Once dressed, I added a drop of coconut oil on my fingertips and gently unravelled each twist. I loved the results and my hair was so soft and shiny with so much bounce I wished I had tried this product sooner as my son loves it for his hair. As I was admiring my curls, the skies opened up and the rain started to fall so hard I ended I tried a few styles before ending up putting my hair in a loose curly bun wish I forgot to take a picture of.

Looking after my hair whilst on holiday was hassle-free which was a pleasant surprise and I just need to be strict on my hair regime over the next few weeks; keeping my hair moist and deep conditioning with both a moisture and light protein based conditioners to prevent any breakage now I am back home in the UK with the switch to our harder water.

How do you care for you hair whilst on holiday?

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